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Cosmetic foot surgery is dominating the news but is this type of surgery really that helpful?

Women are undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to fit into stilettos

The “Cinderella procedure” is a preventative bunion operation popular at the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery.  More and more women are undergoing such operations in order to fit into a tiny pair of heels.

Having grown up with congenital hallux valgus (a form of bunion) and undergoing corrective surgery at 15 years of age I know only too well what it’s like to be unable to fit into a pair of high heels.

I was mocked by a shoe website for entering and leaving the Big Brother house in the same pair of shoes as I only have the one pair that I can wear comfortably, despite this I won’t be undergoing surgery.

Feet seem simple enough but they are actually rather complicated structures, it took me months to learn to walk again following the medical procedure I had.

What’s more, messing about with one joint can lead to referred pain at another which is the warning podiatrists are giving women before they consider undergoing this procedure.

If you are thinking about undergoing surgery to fit into a pair of shoes you should decide if it’s worth the pain that could arise for the pleasure of wearing those stilettos.

In my opinion shoe manufacturers should start making shoes available in sizes which fit onto real peoples feet before women start adjusting their feet to fit into heels!


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