Breast-feeding benefits are exaggerated.

A study this week found that the myths surrounding breast-feeding are dependent on hormones and not breast-feeding.

A Norwegian university reviewed 50 studies and found that breast-feeding is in fact a confounding factor to the advantages.

The level of male hormones, known as androgens are the real reason for the benefits.

The higher the amount of androgens in pregnant women the less likely a woman would be able to breast-feed. The androgens also lead to an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome in the child.

The study also found no signs of the asthma and allergies in children who were not breast fed as mothers are warned. It found minor advantages such as a small IQ advantage.

For the last few years the government has put a huge effort into pushing the benefits of breast-feeding, employing staff to specifically deal with breast-feeding,. These employees come equipped with statements that the evidence points to breast-feeding reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as asthma.

Mothers are often left desperate at the poor start they are giving their offspring if they have difficulty feeding their child. It can lead to already exhausted mothers who have just given birth to feel guilty.

The research suggests women should focus on enjoying their child regardless of their ability to breast feed and not worry about the exaggerated consequences.