Vulnerable British citizens are not protected from the law of other countries despite possessing mental illnesses.

A British man who suffers from a mental illness has been sentenced to death in China and may be put to death as soon as Tuesday.

Akmal Shaikh travelled to China following the delusion that he could become a pop star. The charity, Reprieve are claiming that his mental illness left him susceptible to people who tricked him into carrying heroin.

His family have travelled to China to insist a full mental health evaluation should be performed. But why hasn’t he undergone a psychiatric examination already?

How can a person with a past history of bipolar disorder and delusions be treated as a healthy individual who has maliciously committed a crime?

And just why can’t Britain look after its own?

According to reports Gordon Brown and David Miliband have attempted to prevent the execution. But it seems that China is still going to go ahead and kill a delusional man.

The song Akmal Shaikh recorded beleiving it would bring him fame.

This video belongs to the charity Reprieve

The case runs in parallel with that of Asperger’s sufferer Gary McKinnon. Gary hacked into US military computers whilst looking for evidence of UFO’s. America applied to have him extradited for trial. The high court failed to prevent his extradition. And now his only hope lies with the European Court of Justice.

If the Brit is sent to America he could face 60 years in prison. More worryingly Gary has suicide tendencies and the stress he is under could lead to him attempting to end his own life.

So just why does Britain lack the ability to protect it’s vulnerable citizens? Does the rest of the world have so little respect for the UK that countries can do as they wish with our mentally ill?

You have to question just what the rest of the world currently thinks of the UK.

Bill Clinton made an unexpected trip to North Korea earlier this year. He travelled back to the States with two American journalists who had been imprisoned for entering the country illegally.

And Gordon Brown can’t even prevent a mentally ill British national from being put to death.

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