This week the sexual assault and harassment case against gynaecologist, Angus Thomson was dropped. Bibi Giles had accused him of sexually assaulting her during an intimate examination.

This was despite a nurse chaperone presence. As the defense had not yet sat the nurse didn’t have the chance to testify.

It was clear to anybody who followed the case that the whole fiasco was absolutely ridiculous. How could the case have even got to court when there was a chaperone present?

The accusations became even more unbelievable when it was revealed Bibi had attempted to start a relationship with the consultant and had even sent the doctor a sexually explicit and inappropriate text message.

Married Bibi Giles dropped her case after her former GP stepped forward claiming she had made similar advances towards him.

I am so disgusted that the case went to court. I’ve experienced the effect these kind of court cases have on doctors.

Being female I’ve been asked to chaperone male doctors on numerous occasions. If there isn’t a female chaperone present a male doctor cannot take the risk of examining a woman regardless of the seriousness of the patient’s potential condition.

For three years Mr Thomson has been subjected to the ordeal from Mrs Giles.

Bibi was described as a “fantasist” after it was revealed she claimed to have once been Miss Guyana, had treated Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. She even insisted her husband was a Russian diplomat (he was a quantity surveyor).

What has happened to the sacred doctor-patient relationship? How can a woman make advances to a married doctor and when they aren’t reciprocated accuse him of sexually assaulting her in a medical consultation? And more importantly how could this case have gone so far?

I honestly hope Mr Thomson can return to his job as he did before. But it is likely the effect of this case will remain with him and he could be scared this kind of incident could happen again. It’s a sad day when someone who dedicates their life to helping people cannot do their job for fear of people like Bibi.

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