By Yvette Martyn


Dr Erin was found guilty of attempting to poison his mistress

Today Dr Erin was found guilty of attempting to poison his mistress Miss Prowse on two occasions, in an attempt to cause her to miscarry their love child.

A man whose marriage and children meant so little he was having at least 3 affairs, startled the nation with the selfishness presented when he told the court, “I have worked for 20 years to get where I am. I’ve worked very, very hard to get to this senior position.” as he justified his attempts to persuade his mistress to have an abortion.

It is likely that he did work extremely hard, at least 5 years of medical school followed by numerous exams throughout his career; his life was most likely dedicated to the healthcare profession.

However, as a doctor Dr Erin would have had full knowledge of the effect a miscarriage has on a woman. To this day I can’t forget the face of the first patient I’d seen that had just miscarried, the tears strewn down her face, the emptiness so clear it’s impossible to put into words.

This man was supposed to dedicate his life to helping people, instead he evilly endeavored to thrust the pain of losing a child on a woman who knew all too well just how difficult it is: it’s been noted that Miss Prowse had been traumatised by an abortion 6 years earlier.


Portrayed as an adulterous man Dr Erin doesn’t conjure up much praise. But there is also the pain his wife and young children are currently facing as Dr Erin settles into his first night in custody awaiting his sentencing.

Though I bet it’s nothing compared to his own self-pity, facing an almost inevitable custodial sentence and if that wasn’t enough, Erin who is already suspended by the general medical council is likely to be struck off from practicing.

His career as a doctor, that profession that he worked so hard at is likely over now, it’s difficult to sympathise with such a conclusion, Miss Prowse would have lived in absolute fear every day: petrified that her son would be born with serious malformations, or worse still die as a result of Dr Erin’s selfishness, thank God Miss Prowse was lucky enough to have a healthy boy.

Doctors require trust from patients to do their jobs, the thought that somebody as cold hearted as Dr Erin could practice for so long bemuses me. He used his medical knowledge for evil and every time I hear his name I think back to that poor woman who had just miscarried and pray that he never be allowed to practice again.

Image: Suat Eman /